Secrets kept away.

28 June
I am a guy going through some stuff recently. At times it seems nothing will ever go right for me and at others... it will feel like total bliss. I am a virgin, never been kissed, and never had a girl friend. So I am going through some new areas that I know nothing about. I have friends to help guide me, but sometimes more is needed I guess.

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User Number: 8810215
Date Created:2005-11-16
Number of Posts: 25+

Japowell48 is a confused man. He desires much but has no clue how to get anything. He travels through life trying to find what he wants to do. Peaceful by nature but he is willing to defend anything he loves.
Strengths: Friendly, kind, smart, humorous, strong loyalty.
Weaknesses: Girls, procrastination, sensitive.
Special Skills: Stealth, limited phycic ability.
Weapons: Kung fu, wooden sword, throwing knives, staff.
Battlecry: "For the ones I love!"

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